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Commercial Loans for your business


A Financial Lifeline We Won't Forget - Thank You, MACC!

As the owners of a small but passionate enterprise, Ravenwolf Marine, we know the hardships that small businesses can face, especially when it comes to securing the much-needed funding for growth and stability. We can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that our experience with Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital (MACC) has been nothing short of a financial lifeline that we will never forget.

From the moment we reached out to MACC, we felt a sense of genuine concern and commitment to our cause. The principal, Clifford, and his dedicated assistant, Donna, were not just our financial advisors; they became an integral part of our team, working tirelessly to secure the capital we so desperately needed.

Navigating the world of commercial financing is never an easy task, but our case was anything but straightforward. Despite the curveballs and challenges that came our way, Clifford and Donna remained undeterred. Their resilience and determination to see us through the process were truly awe-inspiring.

Clifford's years of experience and industry expertise were evident as he masterfully navigated the complex financial landscape on our behalf. His creativity and resourcefulness in finding unconventional solutions proved instrumental in overcoming the hurdles that stood between us and our much-needed funding.

Donna's unwavering support and attention to detail ensured that no stone was left unturned. Her organizational skills and prompt communication helped keep us informed and confident every step of the way.

Together, the dynamic duo of Clifford and Donna moved heaven and earth to secure the funding that quite literally saved our company. Their relentless efforts and dedication to our success have made an indelible mark on the history of Ravenwolf Marine. We are eternally grateful for their hard work and the opportunity they have given us to continue our mission.

To anyone seeking commercial financing or financial advisory services, we wholeheartedly recommend Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital. Their unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and genuine concern for their clients' success make them a shining example in the industry. We cannot thank Clifford, Donna, and the entire MACC team enough for their support and for giving our company the opportunity to thrive.

Bill & Laura

They were great to work with, had a very complex loan and they got it done for me.

Melissa Walker

The hard work and dedication and attention to detail that Clifford and Donna have given to me and my business - not once but twice! - has been excellent.
As long as I am in business - I will be in business with them, because of their support and knowledge and the desire they have to see me succeed.

Winridge Manor

We would not have gotten our loan without Clifford and Donna's expertise and relentless efforts. It was a super tricky refi with grandfather clauses, pressure from monthly rate hikes by the fed, and unresponsive parties to navigate through. Clifford and Donna really cared and treated this like this was their own personal refinance. Very thankful

Al SaVory

We have worked with Donna and Clifford for over a year now; they have facilitated the purchase of 9 properties so far for our company and each process went seamlessly. They are both very knowledgeable and incredibly dedicated to helping each client with their individual needs. Donna stays up to date on each loan in progress and goes above and beyond to help make sure you understand exactly what is required by the lender to keep things rolling smoothly. We have enjoyed working with them and will continue to do so! Highly recommend Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC!

Tyler McAvaddy

I have been working with Clifford and Donna for over a year now and successfully closed two properties with them and now working on my third project. They are very professional, easy to reach out, understand the needs of the client and deliver in time. The seller of the property was very difficult to work with and, was not giving us any extra time which the banks were asking for the closing. I could have lost my deposit but, Clifford quickly made arrangements and made sure I don't lose the deposit and the property. Thank you Clifford and Donna for everything.

Abdul Mohammed

Clifford and Donna were extremely helpful and accommodating through a very difficult and stressful process. We couldn't have done it without them.

Axel Riepma

I had the opportunity to work with Clifford and Donna. They are both very knowledgeable about the products and services that they offer and easy to communicate with and make you feel at ease. I highly would recommend them to anyone.

Tracey West

I worked with Samir Patel on a new franchise business. He guided me through the entire loan process till funding. Samir delivered what he promised in terms of amount of loan, cost of loan and the time for funding. No surprises. He communicated regularly. My experience was good and I will have no hesitation in going with him again for the next franchise location.

Vijay Nair

As a first time buyer we were not sure of all the process in hospitality industry . mid-Atlantic commercial capital llc (samir patel) has been a best resource and has been on top of thing. They line up everything for us and make sure the process goes as smooth as it can . If you want reliable, professional, responsible firm for your any type of business i would highly recommend this team. Thank you MACC for all your help.

Zill Patel

Haven’t closed on any loans with them yet, working with Samir has been a pleasure and he is very knowledgeable. Hopefully we can close on some loans soon!

Neel Patel

Sam, Thank you for your hard work and support during my last transaction. I appreciate the effort during preparation, the accuracy in the financial planning, and the continued support during the underwriting process. With your help I am set for future growth. I look forward to working with you again.

Thank you so much,
Fredricksburg, VA (Investor)

Great service and feedback. Prompt response and attention is given.

Ajit Patel

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