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Commercial Loans for your business

Commercial Loan Services

We at Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC facilitate all types of commercial loan programs to support your small business. You may be seeking funding for any type of business project, with or without collateral, we can assist you in securing the ideal loan. We provide a wide range of commercial loan programs.

SBA 504 Program

The SBA 504 loan program is designed to facilitate the purchase of major fixed assets, especially commercial real estate and large equipment. We can assist you in securing up to 90% of LTV, with the amount ranging from $300,000 to $25 million. The terms can range from 5 years to 25 years.

The key advantages of the program are as follows:

  • Up to 90% financing that contributes to greater savings and enhanced cash flow
  • Down payments are only around 10% while traditional loans require over 25% down
  • Any 504 refinancing costs can be included within the loan
  • Interest rates are lower compared to traditional loans
  • You may use the provided equity in the fixed asset as collateral
  • Get access to long-term capital for periods of up to 25 years

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SBA 7A Program

We can assist you in meeting your general financing requirements by helping you acquire SBA 7(a) loan. The funds can be used for a wide range of business purposes, including:

  • Expansion of working capital
  • renovation of business premises
  • refinancing existing debt

The SBA offers guarantees on up to 90% of the loan. We can assist you in securing up to $5 million in loan for periods ranging from 5 years to 25 years.

Some of the key benefits of the SBA 7A loan program are as follows:

  • Offers a high degree of flexibility
  • Offers up to 90% LTV
  • Down payment is much lower compared to traditional loans
  • Choose from fixed or variable interest rates
  • Monthly payments are lower
  • Loan term ranges from 5 to 25 years
  • Equipment or business acquisition financing term up to 10 years
  • Working capital term up to 7 years
  • Real estate financing up to 25 years
  • Eligibility for soft costs like franchise fees, goodwill fees, and closing costs

There are many more advantages of applying for SBA 7A loan. Read More About SBA 7A Program >>

Merchant Cash Advance

We can also assist you in securing Merchant Cash Advance Loan through our network of reputed and approved lenders. This type of loan involves financing your company's advances based on your credit card sales, accounts, or invoices. You can opt to repay using a wide range of options. We can assist you to secure a loan with minimal documentation and low credit scores. The amount of loan is capped only by your business’ cash flow.

Some of the key advantages of this type of commercial loan are as follows:

  • Quick Access to Lump Sum of Cash: We can help you secure the funds within a week. If your business needs to improve cash flow immediately, the Merchant Cash Advance Loan is an excellent option.
  • Low Credit Eligibility: We can help you qualify for this loan even if you have a low credit score. All it is required is that your business must generate regular credit card sales every month.
  • No Fixed Payment Amount: This is a cash advance and not exactly a loan. It doesn’t carry a fixed repayment term or fixed monthly payments. The repayments depend on your sales. You can pay more when your sales are doing well and lesser when you have a slow sales month.
  • Flexibility: This cash advance can be used for any purpose for your business. You may spend the funds on marketing, paying off debt, or meeting any other expenses related to your business.
  • Business Assets are Safe: This cash advance is technically selling your future business revenues. There is no need to have a high credit score or put a business asset as collateral. Your repayments will depend on your credit card sales.

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Equipment Loans

If you need to invest in new equipment to improve or enhance your business, we can help you secure a loan under the Equipment Financing program. You can receive up to 100% of finance on the value of used or new equipment. We make it a simple and fast process to acquire this loan. You can purchase different types of equipment using the funds, including machinery, computers, vehicles, or anything that is required for the functioning of your business. The loan term is usually for the life of the equipment and the rates range from 8% to 30%.

Some of the advantages of applying for Equipment Financing are as follows:

  • Improve Your Cash Flow: This is an excellent way to boost cash flow, as it doesn’t involve down payments, has lower monthly payments, and allows you to save capital to be used for daily operations.
  • 100% Financing: The full value of the equipment can be funded, thus preventing the need for you to put a down payment.
  • Preserve Bank Line of Credit: Equipment financing does not affect your bank lines of credit.
  • Quick Upgrade Technology: We can help you secure this finance quickly. This can allow you to acquire the latest technologies and equipment without having to wait for long.

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Stated Commercial Loans

Do you seek to invest in commercial real estate? Stated commercial loans can be perfect for you. We at Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC can assist you through our vast network of lenders. If you cannot document your business income but have decent personal credit scores, we can help you apply for these commercial loans up to $5 million.

Some of the key advantages of seeking this loan are as follows:

  • Get up to 80% loan-to-value on the real estate
  • The loan includes cash-out transactions
  • Only up to 75% occupancy is required for the past 90 days
  • Works with low liquidity, as 3 to 6 months of Profit & Loss in reserve can work

The application process is simple and quick, and the approval takes between 24 hours to 48 hours. You can use this program to finance a wide range of real estate including multi-family, mixed-use industrial, commercial, and retail properties. Read More About Stated Commercial Loans >>

Subprime SBA

Under the Subprime SBA loan program, we can assist you in securing no-collateral finance with up to 150% LTV. This program does not require any collaterals up to $0.5 million and the funds can be used for investing in equipment or real estate or both. You can also use the funds to acquire another business or refinance existing debt or consolidate merchant cash advances to turn them into easier monthly payments.

We have helped hundreds of businesses acquire Subprime SBA financing after they were unable to secure financing from traditional lenders. As a reputed and trusted SBA loan intermediary, we have helped close hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of loans for businesses with bad credit, past bankruptcy, and limited collateral. We have also helped unique business challenges. Read More About Subprime SBA >>

Commercial Bridge Loans

Do you intend to acquire a property on short notice? Do you want to take advantage of an immediate investment opportunity? We can help you apply for a short-term Commercial Bridge Loan to purchase the property before you can apply for a long-term mortgage.

We help our clients secure Commercial Bridge Loan and make the most of its benefits.

Get Access to Quick & Convenient Loan

We help you apply for these bridge loans and get access to quick funds before you can apply for long-term loans. Our experienced SBA loan experts ensure that you will not waste time and lose a great opportunity.

Start Your New Projects Fast

Have you been waiting to purchase a new/used equipment or tools? Is your bank loan application taking too long? We can help you apply for and secure a commercial bridge loan quickly so that you can get started with a new project.

Unsecured Loan

This is an unsecured loan and does not put your assets at risk. This gives more stable footing to your business.

Maintain Your Payroll

We have also helped our clients secure a working capital loan under the program. The funds can thus be used for maintaining your payroll. Many times, we find that large client invoices that have been delayed can make payroll payments difficult for businesses. Commercial bridge loans have been used by our clients to get access to immediate funds even in such difficult situations. Read More About Commercial Bridge Loan >>

Commercial Hard Money Loans

We also help you apply for Commercial Hard Money Loan to acquire real estate or renovate your property. Like Commercial Bridge Loans, this loan is also processed faster and allows you to get access to quick funds. You can then gradually apply for a long-term mortgage. You will be making interest-only payments.

Some of the main reasons our clients seeking to apply for this loan through us are as follows:

  • You can use the funds to renovate and sell a property
  • The approval process is quite fast. It allows you to make quicker decisions.
  • There is some flexibility about the terms of the loan.
  • The loan can be processed even with bad credit, because it is focused solely on the collateral.
  • In many circumstances, our client’s applications have been processed without verifying personal income or commercial cash flow.

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FHA & HUD Insured Loans

The FHA and HUD-insured loans are designed for Americans with low-income, bad credit, or previous history of bankruptcies or foreclosures. These are insurance backed mortgage loans that are covered under multiple programs. We assist you in applying for the right program based on your profile, needs, and the type of property you seek to acquire and/or construct. The key programs under the FHA/HUD insured loans are classified by the sections 223 (F), 221 (D)(4), 232/223 (F), 232, and 223(A)(7). We can assist you in applying for FHA/HUD-insured mortgage loans in the acquisition, refinancing, construction, or rehabilitation of multifamily properties, acquisition, refinancing, construction, or rehabilitation of healthcare properties, and refinancing of properties with existing FHA-insured debt. Most of these programs can allow you to avail up to $75 million in loan amounts and follow a fixed interest rate regime. The percentage of commercial space usage is limited in each case. Similarly, the percentage of ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ usage is limited in the case of healthcare facilities under the respective FHA/HUD programs. Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC can guide you through each step of the process to apply under the loan program that perfectly matches your needs and profile. Read More About FHA & HUD Insured Loans >>

Business Loans

Business loans are available for different types of business purposes. With so many types of loans available in the market, it can be difficult for you to make the right choice. We at Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC, can help you find and secure the right type of loan depending on your needs and profile. The business line of credit offers you excellent flexibility with regard to how you can use the funds. You can available up to $0.5 million in funding and the interest rates start from just 8%. The loan term is relatively short for these types of business loans. The SBA Loan is quite popular and allows you to secure funds even when you cannot avail of loans from other sources. You can apply for different types of SBA loans including SBA 7(a), SBA 504, and SBA Express through us. The loan amount can be up to $5 million. If you have short-term business requirements, we can assist you in securing a short term loan. It has low-interest rates and allows you access to up to $500,000. The business term loan is one of the most popular business loans and is highly flexible in terms of its applications. With low interests starting from just 6%, you can avail up to $2 million in funding. We can guide you in applying for many other types of business loans. Read More About Business Loans >>

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans have a larger market share than government-backed loans. They are typically backed by private lenders and insured by the borrower. We can assist you in securing Conforming and Non-Conforming conventional loans through our vast network of approved lenders. Conforming loans meet the requirements laid down by the Federal National Mortgage Association and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. These loans are limited to a certain amount that keeps getting adjusted every year depending on the market conditions. We can also guide you in applying for Nonconforming conventional loans that allow you to access bigger amounts. There are many advantages to seeking conventional loans. They typically have lower interest rates, as they depend on your credit score. Besides, there are very few limitations on the amount of Nonconforming conventional loans that you can apply for. Besides, these loans offer a high level of flexibility. There are no government guidelines that must be met. We can assist you in getting more flexible down payment and loan terms. Thus, there are many advantages of applying for conventional loans. We at Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC can assist you in applying for these loans while getting you more flexible terms. Read More About Conventional Loans >>

We at Mid-Atlantic Commercial Capital, LLC have a vast network of reputed and approved lenders. We can assist you in securing loans that perfectly meet your requirements. Give us a call today to enquire about the type of loan that best suits your commercial needs or send us an email at ckearns@maccllc.com.

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